Reading List 2/12 – 2/18

A compilation of articles I found interesting or informative to one degree or another this week, presented without commentary to allow you to draw your own conclusions:

  1. Deconstructing the ‘Liberal Campus’ Cliche (The Atlantic)
  2. Journalism Fights for Survival in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era (Wired)
  3. Why Mike Flynn’s Resignation Matters (The Atlantic)
  4. The Embarrassment of President Trump (The New Yorker)
  5. Paul Ryan’s Craven Pact with Donald Trump (The New Yorker)
  6. Remember How Trump Was Going to Erase Obama’s Legacy Overnight? Yeah, Not So Much. (NYMag)
  7. What Happens Next Is Up to Republicans (The Atlantic)
  8. Report Shows ‘Untapped Power’ of Constituent Advocacy (Roll Call)
  9. President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing (Politico)
  10. The Formidable Checks and Balances Imposing on President Trump (The Atlantic)
  11. For democracy’s sake, we need to burst ideological bubbles (Seattle Times)
  12. Congress and Trump Won’t ‘Terminate the EPA’ (The Atlantic)
  13. The Senate Intelligence Committee Hates Being In The Spotlight. Now Trump And Russia Have Put It There. (Buzzfeed)
  14. The Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ in Red States (The Atlantic)
  15. Trying (and Failing) Not to Fear So Much About Trump (The New Yorker)

Ask Amazon to Stop Advertising on Breitbart

You may have heard of the Sleeping Giants movement, which aims to get companies to pull their ad dollars from sites like Breitbart by asking them repeatedly and politely via social media (primarily Twitter). They’ve enjoyed a high level of success, with many prominent companies blocking advertisement from showing up on the right-wing, often hateful ‘news’ site. One company they’ve had difficultly with, however, is Amazon. This may be surprising, considering Amazon’s participation in the legal case against the Travel Ban EO, and the fact that Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. Apparently, there is a large contingent of Amazon employees pushing for the company to stop advertising on Breitbart. Let’s help them out.

Sign the petition asking Amazon to pull ad money from sites like Breitbart.

Reading List 2/5 – 2/11

Time again for the weekly reading list, where I share articles I found interesting, informative, or provocative over the past week, presented without any commentary to allow you to draw your own conclusions as you read. Enjoy!

  1. Trump’s Refusal to Condemn Putin as a ‘Killer’ (The Atlantic)
  2. And Then the Breitbart Lynch Mob Came for Me (Foreign Policy)
  3. Your Guide to the Sprawling New Anti-Trump Resistance Movement (The Nation)
  4. Steve Bannon Believes The Apocalypse Is Coming And War Is Inevitable (Huffington Post)
  5. The Two Kinds of Trump Voters (Politico)
  6. The Case Against Contemporary Feminism (The New Yorker)
  7. Fact-Checking Won’t Save Us From Fake News (FiveThirtyEight)
  8. The Tools Of The Viral Anti-Trump Movement Will Be Used Against It (Buzzfeed)
  9. The 4 Types Of Constitutional Crises (FiveThirtyEight)
  10. Behind the Internet’s Anti-Democracy Movement (The Atlantic)
  11. Marco Rubio’s Defense of Comity (The Atlantic)
  12. Our Part in the Darkness (The New Yorker)
  13. A Q&A With The House Democrat Who’s Voted With Trump 75 Percent Of The Time (FiveThirtyEight)

Call Your MoCs About Bannon’s Position on the NSC

Steve Bannon is a menace. His appointment to the NSC is unprecedented, and his views are dangerous. Here’s how you can help to potentially minimize his impact.

See if your Representative is on this list of co-sponsors for HB804, which would prevent political appointees from serving on the National Security Council (NSC). If they aren’t, call and ask them to please become a co-sponsor. If they are already co-sponsors, consider calling them to thank them, and asking them to continue to publicly denounce Bannon’s policies and his level of power within the White House.

See if your Senator is on this list of co-sponsors for SB291, which would modify the requirements for membership in the National Security Council (NSC). If they aren’t, call and ask them to please become a co-sponsor. If they are already co-sponsors, consider calling them to thank them, and asking them to continue to publicly denounce Bannon’s policies and his level of power within the White House.

Reading List 1/29 – 2/4

Here’s a list of articles that I enjoyed and that made me think this week. While I felt that all articles included had good points, I didn’t always agree with the overall conclusion. I present them to you without commentary to allow you to make up your own mind about them (and also to encourage you to read the full article). Enjoy!

  1. In Venezuela, we couldn’t stop Chávez. Don’t make the same mistakes we did. (WaPo)
  2. How to Tame Donald Trump (Politico)
  3. America’s Great Divergence (The Atlantic)
  4. A Clarifying Moment in American History (The Atlantic)
  5. The Alt-Majority: How Social Networks Empowered Mass Protests Against Trump (NYT)
  6. Hold Facebook Accountable (The Ringer)
  7. A Third Way in the ‘Respectability Politics’ Debate (The Atlantic)
  8. ‘Why even let ’em in?’ Understanding Bannon’s worldview and the policies that follow. (WaPo)
  9. How Progressives Are Forcing Senate Democrats Into Action (WaPo)
  10. Fatigued by the News? Experts Suggest How to Adjust Your Media Diet (NYT)
  11. The Rise of Progressive ‘Fake News’ (The Atlantic)
  12. Inside the White House-Cabinet battle over Trump’s immigration order (WaPo)
  13. Can the Democratic Party rise again? Yes — and here’s the first big thing to watch. (WaPo)