Donate to Organizations Committed to Helping Refugees

The number of refugees that are allowed into the United States could drop drastically under Trump’s administration. Organizations that help support and place refugees will need all of the help that they can get. Donating money when you can will help keep these organizations operating to the best of their ability.

Two great organizations to check out and support are:

International Rescue Committee

American Refugee Committee

Let me know via the contact form if there are other organizations that I should add to this list! For other organizations that could use support, see this list.


Ask the House Oversight Committee to Investigate Russia’s Possible Influence on the Election

House Rep. Elijah Cummings (D – Maryland) has asked House Oversight Committee Chairman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, asking for a bipartisan review of possible Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential Election. While this is not likely to change the outcome of the election, it’s still a vital step in the protection of our democracy and its systems.

Per a CNN article covering the letter:

The Democrat congressman said that though the hacks were on Democratic groups, the outrage at Russia’s actions should be bipartisan.
“Elections are the bedrock of our nation’s democracy,” Cummings wrote. “Any attempt by a foreign power to undermine them is a direct attack on our core democratic values, and it should chill every member of Congress and American — red or blue — to the core.”
Call Rep. Chaffetz and the House Oversight Committee and request that the Committee take action into reviewing this possible interference by calling 202-225-5074 & (801) 851-2500, and let them know that you support a bipartisan review into Russian activity surrounding the election.

Move Your Money Out of Big Banks

When you have money at a bank, in a savings or checking account, they use that money for their own loans and investments, while ensuring that you can withdraw the amount listed as your balance if need be. But have you ever investigated what kinds of investments your bank is using your money for?

This is a great article on the reasons that you should move your money out of big banks and into a local bank or credit union, preferably one that contributes back to the community or is owned and run by minority groups. The article is UK-centric, but the general arguments are applicable in the US as well.

Your banking choice as an individual matters. When you choose to buy fair-trade coffee, your money gets used better once. But when you have money in a bank account, that money gets invested by the bank again and again. And it’s getting invested in lots things that go against social justice, from dictatorships to aggressive extraction of fossil fuels. In 2006 Platform’s report The Oil and Gas Bank calculated that RBS’ ‘embedded’ emissions were greater than the emissions of Scotland itself! Using one less plastic bag on my shopping trip has suddenly been put in perspective.

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Run for Office

This isn’t a small, do-it-now action, but while small actions can have a powerful impact if enough people take part, those who are concerned about Trump and his potential legacy need to be in it for the long haul, and have an eye for the future. A really powerful way to get involved, of course, is running for office yourself. There are so many local offices that make a huge difference in policy in the long run, and often incumbents for smaller offices run unopposed, which gives voters a dearth of options. Generally, the most effective way to change the system is to make yourself a part of it – without getting complacent – and push it towards your ideal vision of what it could be.

This article covers some of the basic things to keep in mind before deciding to run for office. It also tells you some of the first steps that you need to take if you’re considering a campaign.

This article talks about what some of the easiest positions are to run for as a first-time campaigner. Becoming an elected member of leadership in your local branch of the Democratic party (more on that tomorrow), a city councilmember in a smaller town or city, any sort of county or state elected official… the list goes on. Investigate what elected positions are available for you to run for, and what you would be most interested in.

Here is the Democratic Party’s brief guide on running for office as a Democrat.

If you’re a woman interested in running for office, here are some specific resources that seek to get more women into elected positions:

National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington (for residents of the State of Washington)

Emerge America, which provides intensive training to women who are considering a run for political office. Their program is currently available in a handful of states.

Emily’s List, which focuses specifically on getting pro-choice women elected to office.

She Should Run

Center for American Women and Politics

Vote Run Lead

Read this book: The Campaign Manager: Running and Winning Local Elections, by Catherine Shaw

Call on the House Oversight Committee to Review Trump’s Financial Arrangements

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D – Maryland) sent a letter to House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), asking that that the committee “immediately begin conducting a review of President-elect Donald Trump’s financial arrangements to ensure that he does not have any actual or perceived conflicts of interest and that he and his advisors comply with all legal and regulatory ethical requirements when he assumes the presidency.”

If you support this action being taken by the House Oversight Committee, you can call (202) 225-5074 & (801) 851-2500 and let them know that you support a bipartisan review of Trump’s financial arrangements and potential conflicts of interest before he is sworn in as President in January.

Sign a Petition: Demilitarize Standing Rock

Add your name to the petition here. From the ACLU:

In below-freezing weather last night, law enforcement deployed tear gas, water cannons, percussion grenades, and rubber bullets against hundreds protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

News reports confirm more than 300 people have been injured.

Tell the DOJ to investigate and demilitarize police responses to nonviolent #NoDAPL water protectors.

Right now on a North Dakota prairie, nonviolent protesters are being confronted by police in riot gear with armored military vehicles, automatic rifles, sonic weapons, concussion grenades, attack dogs, pepper spray, and beanbag bullets.

This sovereign nation of the Standing Rock Sioux – one of many constantly threatened by environmental injustice – is fighting to keep its water safe and clean by means of an historic protest.

But law enforcement agencies are treating them like wartime enemies. Riot police raiding a protest camp even yanked indigenous people from prayer in sweat lodges.

North Dakota has received $3 million worth of military equipment from the federal government through the Defense Department’s 1033 program. On top of that, more than a half dozen states have sent equipment and officers to North Dakota.

The Department of Justice can help stop this militarized response to indigenous activists and their allies fighting for clean water. It oversees the various federal programs that may have supplied much of the equipment being used against protesters – and it can put those oversight measures to use.

Thousands from across the globe have joined in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline could destroy ancestral burial grounds and poison the water supply for an entire sovereign nation and millions of Americans downstream who rely on the Missouri River. This is worth standing up for – these brutal police tactics are not appropriate or just.

Tell the DOJ to investigate possible constitutional violations and suspend police use of federally supplied military equipment.

Support the ACLU and other critical organizations here.