Support a Free and Independent Press

Donald Trump and the media have had a strange, tumultuous relationship over the course of his campaign, and it seems like it’s going to continue. One of his first personal tweets following his election was the following:

He’s continued on a tear against the media today, and his focus has turned primarily to the New York Times:

Well, fact check: they aren’t. The New York times has actually reported to Politico that their subscription numbers for both digital and print are way up since the election. This is as it should be, as a free and independent press are crucial in the face of a man who has a questionable relationship with the truth and tends to bend the “facts” to suit whatever his particular position is at any given time.

I highly recommend purchasing a subscription to the New York Times and/or The Washington Post, another paper that has been the target of Trump ire throughout his campaign, if you have the ability to. These subscriptions would also make a great gift for a family member who enjoys these publications, or perhaps to one who could use a little more fact-based reporting in their life.

Subscribe to the New York Times here.

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