Contact Your Elected Officials

This is crucial. Vocalize your opinions loudly and often to your elected officials in the Senate, House, and state and local government. Ideally, call their local office, where you’re more likely to speak to a real person. Here’s a great Twitter thread from Emily Ellsworth, a former congressional staffer:


Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 2.11.14 PM.png

Find your elected officials here. And then call them and write to them! Be kind to their staffers, and they’ll be likely to listen to you. Let them know what you think about any legislation coming down the pipeline. And if you’re happy with their record? Let them know! Encourage them and thank them for their service. Ask them for legislation that you’d like to see them introduce. And then, try to support organizations in other states where you disagree with their politicians’ stances. For a list of organizations that do great work and could use donations and volunteer time, check out this list.


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