Support the National Employment Law Project

In light of Andrew Puzder’s nomination for Labor Secretary, the rights of working-class and low-wage workers look like they’ll be under attack for the duration of Trump’s presidency. Puzder has said he does not support any increase to the federal minimum wage, and has openly said he’d like to automate the jobs in many of his restaurants (Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s – so maybe also don’t eat that those places if possible).

The National Employment Law Project will be vital to workers’ rights, then, over the next four years. A bit more about them, from their website:

For more than 45 years, NELP has sought to ensure that America upholds for all workers her promise of opportunity and economic security through work.

NELP fights for policies to create good jobs, expand access to work, and strengthen protections and support for low-wage workers and the unemployed.

We publish research that illuminates workers’ issues; promote policies that improve workers’ lives; lend deep legal and policy expertise to important cases and campaigns; and partner with allies to advance crucial reforms.

Our Model of Change

NELP works from the ground up to build systemic change. We collaborate with community partners on advocacy campaigns, developing and testing innovative policy ideas in cities and states, then scaling them up to effect change nationally.

We partner with advocacy networks grounded in the full range of stakeholders—grassroots groups and national organizations, worker centers and unions, policymakers and think tanks.

Donate to their cause here, and if you’re an attorney or work for a law firm, there are also resources that can help you get more involved in their day-to-day work.