Ask Your Senator to Help Block These Trump Nominees

Senate confirmation hearings are fast approaching, and it’s time to start making calls (daily, if you can) to your senator to ask them to help block the nomination of the worst of Trump’s picks. If you’re particularly opposed to any of Trump’s other nominations (and there are reasons to be opposed to most of them), use this template as a guide for calling about those nominees as well.

Here’s a basic call script, and you can fill in the blanks with info for each individual nominee below:

Hi, my name is [your name], a constituent from [your city]. I’m calling to ask you to vote against the confirmation of [confirmation candidate]. I’d like their nomination to be blocked because [reason]. I will not vote for a senator who votes to confirm [confirmation candidate]. I’d also appreciate it if you made a public statement denouncing their candidacy prior to their confirmation hearings. Thank you.

Secretary of State

Confirmation Candidate: Rex Tillerson

Reason: “I’m concerned about Tillerson’s loyalties to the best interests of America and its citizens as the lead diplomat for the country. I’m worried that he’ll put the interests of Russia, the oil industry, and oil-industry-friendly counties ahead of what’s really best for America. I’m also deeply concerned about his connections with Putin.”

Secretary of the Treasury

Confirmation Candidate: Steven Mnunchen

Reason (inspired by re:act by Derek Nelson): “In a time when Americans feel the odds stacked against them, a person who saw the recession as an opportunity to make money by foreclosing on families is the wrong choice to lead the Treasury.”

Secretary of Labor

Confirmation Candidate: Andrew Puzder

Reason: “The Secretary of Labor should be interested in protecting workers’ rights, but Puzder has been a strong opponent to any raise of the federal minimum wage and has publicly said he’d like to replace workers in his restaurants with robots once possible. The American people want to protect jobs and make a living wage, and Andrew Puzder is not the right person to make this happen.”

Attorney General

Confirmation Candidate: Jeff Sessions

Reason (see embedded Tweet, above): “I’m concerned that Jeff Sessions as Attorney General will work to fight against civil rights advancements, given his voting record opposing gay marriage, the Matthew Shepard Act, and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

EPA Administrator

Confirmation Candidate: Scott Pruitt

Reason: “A man who has such deep ties to the fossil fuel industry and is a climate change denier should not be in charge of the agency that protects our clean air, water, and natural resources. His tenure at the EPA would be disastrous for our country’s natural beauty, the health of our citizens, and the future of our country and planet.”

Secretary of Education

Confirmation Candidate: Betsy DeVos

Reason: “The Secretary of Education should be primarily concerned with the health of our public education system, but DeVos would weaken this vital institution by directing public funding towards private, charter, and religious schools via vouchers. Our children’s education should not be left to the free market and driven by profit, free of regulation and oversight.”