Tell Your Senators to Vote NO on HR7

Call your Senators today (or show up at one of their offices, if you can!) and tell them to vote no on HR7, which would make the Hyde Amendment permanent and make it even more difficult than it already is for low-income women to afford abortion services when needed. In conjunction with Trump re-instating the so-called “Mexico City Policy,” or “Global Gag Rule,” which prohibits any organization overseas from even mentioning abortion in their programming if they receive US federal funds, it’s clear that keeping abortion safe and legal is going to be one of the biggest ongoing fights with this administration.

Sample Script:

Hi, my name is ______ and I live in ________. Will Senator ______ be voting no on HR7, the bill that just passed in the House that would make it more difficult for low-income women to get safe and legal abortions?

If they’ll be voting no:

That’s great to hear. Please thank them for their stance on this. I hope that they’ll make a public statement against this bill, and proactively fight for women’s healthcare access going forward.

If they’ll be voting yes:

That’s extremely disappointing. As I’m sure the Senator is aware, restricting abortion access doesn’t stop abortion, it just makes it more dangerous for women. I’ll be alerting everyone I know within their constituency and discouraging them to vote for Senator ______ next time they’re up for reelection.

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