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Trump has been a vocal supporter of nuclear proliferation, both the building of our own stockpiles and allowing additional countries to create their own, which is frightening and should not be our preferred nuclear policy. If this freaks you out, which it probably should, consider signing up for or donating to the Plougshares Fund.

Ploughshares Fund supports the smartest minds and most effective organizations to reduce nuclear stockpiles, prevent new nuclear states, and increase global security.

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Protect Yourself: Pre-Inaugural Edition

(Adapted from a Google Doc by Kara, an attorney and advocate based out of Boston, as well as the “Oh Shit! What Should I Do Before January” guide. Due to privacy and security issues for the compilers of the documents, I will not link directly to either of them, but you can send me a request via the contact form if you’re interested in viewing the source material. Nothing in this post should be construed as official legal advice – contact an attorney if you have legal questions surrounding your situation.)

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Protect Yourself: Digital Edition

Social media and the internet have been invaluable for organizing and activism. Unfortunately, they also make it very easy for you to be surveilled and/or tracked should someone want to do so. If you’re planning on participating in activism, it would be a really good idea to start to lock some of your shit down.

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