Call Your House Rep to Support Rep. Katherine Clark’s Presidential Accountability Act

Call your Congressional Representative (find your Rep here) and let them know that you support, and would like them to support, Rep. Katherine Clark’s Presidential Accountability Act, which forces Presidents and Vice Presidents to address any financial conflicts of interests that they may have before taking office. This is an excellent move not just for ensuring that Donald Trump addresses his conflicts of interest, but also for fixing the existing loophole for Presidents regarding conflicts of interest (first created under George H.W. Bush) going forward.

You can also call house leadership at these numbers:

Paul Ryan: (202) 225-3031

Nancy Pelosi: (202) 225-4965

Read more about the bill here and here.



How to Call Your Reps When You Have Social Anxiety

Check out this great infographic from Echo Through the Fog on how to go about calling your elected representatives when you have social anxiety, or if you get particularly nervous or uncomfortable about making phone calls.

Calling your reps is the most effective way to get your voice heard!