Contribute to Progressive Open Source

The tech industry has the power to create incredible positive change, but often that energy ends up getting directed at another trendy app. Luckily, things like civic tech are catching on, as well as other community-minded tech projects. If you’re involved in the tech community, and specifically have programming ability, consider contributing to open source projects that assist progressive candidates.

Sign Up to be a Clinic Escort at your Local Planned Parenthood

Women seeking healthcare, and particularly abortions, at Planned Parenthood and other clinics often have to face a gauntlet of protestors calling them murderers, sinners, and holding (generally medically incorrect) posters depicting aborted fetuses. Clinic Escorts help support these women and get them inside the clinic safely and protected as much as possible from the vitriol that they face.

Learn more about signing up to be a clinic escort and how to do so by checking out this post from Planned Parenthood’s Tumblr and the Planned Parenthood jobs and volunteering page.

Support Crucial Organizations

Consider donating time and/or money to the following organizations. Some of them will have a lot of work ahead of them over the next four years, and some face losing federal funding. If you can, consider a smaller monthly donation over a larger one-time donation so that organizations can count on that money when preparing their budgets.

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Donate to Louisiana Senate Candidate Foster Campbell

Courtesy of the Donate and phone bank for Foster Campbell! Facebook event:


“If you hate Donald Trump and what he stands for, doing everything you can to get Foster Campbell in the Senate is the last action you can take that will have immediate results in Washington. The difference between a 52–48 senate and a 51–49 senate is huge.

What you can do right now:

1. Go to Read up on Foster Campbell, understand his message. He is not an establishment Democrat. His core pillars are raising the minimum wage, funding schools, ensuring equal pay for women, and getting corporate money out of Washington. Consider donating $5 to $50 dollars to his campaign. If you agree with him, there isn’t much time to get him elected.

2. Spread word of this fight to every liberal you know. Especially people with connections to Louisiana.

3. Sign up here Join a phone bank. Make calls.”

You can read more about the candidate and race in this Medium article.