Support Stephanie Hansen in the Special Election for Delaware State Senate

Inspired by Flippable:

How Democrats are doing on a state and local level is as, if not more, important than how they’re doing on a national level. Right now, Republicans are killing us in that regard – 33 out of 50 governors are Republicans, and Republicans in 24 states control both the entire state legislature and governorship. This is… not good. That’s why we need to support Democrats running for State and local offices, and this week, one of those Democrats is Stephanie Hansen. Stephanie is running for State Senator in Delaware’s February 25th special election. Right now, Delaware is one of the only Democratic ‘trifectas’ in the country, which means that Democrats control the entire state legislature and governorship. If Stephanie wins, that will continue to be true, but if she loses, Republicans will control Delaware’s state senate and will be able to gridlock progressive legislation.

You can learn more about Stephanie and donate to her campaign here.


Donate to and/or Get Involved with the Ploughshares Fund

Trump has been a vocal supporter of nuclear proliferation, both the building of our own stockpiles and allowing additional countries to create their own, which is frightening and should not be our preferred nuclear policy. If this freaks you out, which it probably should, consider signing up for or donating to the Plougshares Fund.

Ploughshares Fund supports the smartest minds and most effective organizations to reduce nuclear stockpiles, prevent new nuclear states, and increase global security.

These are goals you should support by donating here or signing up for email updates here.

Donate to the North Carolina Democratic Party and the ACLU of North Carolina

While a North Carolina judge has blocked part of a law passed by GOP state legislators in North Carolina to limit the powers of the governor for new Governor Roy Cooper, the North Carolina Democratic Party still has a lot of battles to fight following a GOP power grab in the wake of the election. You can donate to them here. While you’re at it, donate to the North Carolina ACLU as well, which will be an important ally in these fights.

Support the National Employment Law Project

In light of Andrew Puzder’s nomination for Labor Secretary, the rights of working-class and low-wage workers look like they’ll be under attack for the duration of Trump’s presidency. Puzder has said he does not support any increase to the federal minimum wage, and has openly said he’d like to automate the jobs in many of his restaurants (Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s – so maybe also don’t eat that those places if possible).

The National Employment Law Project will be vital to workers’ rights, then, over the next four years. A bit more about them, from their website:

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Donate to UNICEF’s Effort to Help Syrian Children

From the UNICEF website:

The brutal, five-year old Syrian war has affected 80% of the country’s children — 8.4 million young livesshattered by violence, fear, displacement and death. The terrible conflict in besieged cities like Aleppo is increasing their suffering.

In response, UNICEF has helped mobilize the largest relief operation in history — providing safe water, nutrition, polio vaccinations, temporary schools and more. But these children’s needs are outgrowing our resources.

Donate here, now, to help Syrian children stay as safe as possible.