Call your Senators NOW and Tell Them to Oppose Scott Pruitt to Head the EPA

Scott Pruitt’s nomination to lead the EPA just passed in committee. This means that he’ll be up for a full Senate confirmation vote soon. Call your senators NOW and tell them to oppose this nomination.

A sample script from re:act:

“Hello, I am [NAME] from [PLACE]. As your constituent, I’m afraid that Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump’s pick to head the EPA, would be a disaster for our health, air, water, and climate. Will the Senator pledge to publicly oppose Pruitt’s nomination?”

Call them now to help ensure that decades of climate and environmental protections aren’t rolled back to keep our country and planet safe and beautiful for future generations.

(Friendly reminder to only call Senators and Reps who represent you, except for under special circumstances for those in leadership roles when they’re acting in that capacity – calling other reps of whom you’re not a constituent allows them to say that most of the feedback they get about any given topic doesn’t accurately reflect their constituents’ views, even if it does. Not flooding their phone lines also makes it easier for their constituents to get them on the phone, which is important.)


Download the Climate Reality Project’s Action Kit

One of the looming threats from the Trump Administration is that he’ll reverse years of progress on the mitigation of climate change, and reverse promises like the Paris Agreement made earlier this year. If you care about climate change, which you of course should, I encourage you to download this action guide put together by Climate Reality Project (founded by Al Gore).

The guide offers action that you can take, from templates for messages that you can spread on social media, to local actions, resources to help you learn and to share with others, and more. It’s available in versions for a variety of countries. It’s really informative and comprehensive, and the more people that utilize its resources, the better.


Eat Less Meat

If you care about helping the environment during an administration that seems to be shaping up to do everything in its power to roll back climate measures, one of the best things that you can do is to eat less meat. You could also give up meat altogether, but that’s not realistic for everyone, and even cutting back can make a huge dent.

This NPR article does a great job at visualizing how many resources go into making a hamburger patty, as well as showing how much meat Americans eat per year, on average. If you’re too lazy to click the link, spoiler, it’s a LOT.

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Sign a Petition: Tell President Obama to Permanently Stop Arctic and Atlantic Drilling

Send a message to President Obama via NextGen Climate.

From their website:

Millions of Americans are wondering what they can do right now to fight climate change and push back on a Trump presidency.

Here’s our first call to action: Tell President Obama to permanently protect the Arctic and Atlantic from hazardous offshore oil and gas drilling.

Offshore drilling is a serious threat to our climate, marine wildlife, and our coastal communities. The risks are just too high — we must keep these fossil fuels in the ground for good.

In March, President Obama only temporarily protected the Atlantic and parts of the Arctic from dangerous oil and gas drilling. Trump can easily undo this temporary measure.

Ask President Obama to give these areas the permanent protection they deserve. 

Send your own message here. See organizations, including NextGen Climate, that could use donations and volunteer time here.

Sign a Petition: Do Not Allow Myron Ebell to Lead the EPA Transition

From the petition:

Donald Trump has chosen a leading climate skeptic to head the EPA transition. Do not let a man who denies science in the name of profit lead the nation in environmental protection.

Sign the petition here, and don’t forget to verify your signature in the email that you will be sent after signing.