Call Your Representative and Senators and Voice Your Support for a Bipartisan Investigation into Russian Election Hacking

While there were reports throughout the election that Russian hackers were involved in the DNC email leak and other cyber-attacks, in the past few days, those whispers have become shouts. A Washington Post article claims that the CIA believes that Russia was hacking the DNC and other political groups with the express intent of helping elect Donald Trump to the presidency.

Since then, there has been a bipartisan call to investigate these claims, which is not being vocally supported by Speaker Ryan or Senate Majority Leader McConnell. Trump has indicated that he thinks raising these suspicions is simply the Democrats being sore losers about the election. Show him that the American people believe that potential Russian involvement in our political system is not a partisan issue, and that all Americans should be concerned about this issue.

Call your rep TOMORROW (or today, if it’s a weekday when you read this) and let them know that you strongly support a bipartisan review of Russia’s possible meddling with the 2016 Presidential election.

Use this link to help you find and contact both of your Senators and your Representative.