Call your Senators NOW and Tell Them to Oppose Scott Pruitt to Head the EPA

Scott Pruitt’s nomination to lead the EPA just passed in committee. This means that he’ll be up for a full Senate confirmation vote soon. Call your senators NOW and tell them to oppose this nomination.

A sample script from re:act:

“Hello, I am [NAME] from [PLACE]. As your constituent, I’m afraid that Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump’s pick to head the EPA, would be a disaster for our health, air, water, and climate. Will the Senator pledge to publicly oppose Pruitt’s nomination?”

Call them now to help ensure that decades of climate and environmental protections aren’t rolled back to keep our country and planet safe and beautiful for future generations.

(Friendly reminder to only call Senators and Reps who represent you, except for under special circumstances for those in leadership roles when they’re acting in that capacity – calling other reps of whom you’re not a constituent allows them to say that most of the feedback they get about any given topic doesn’t accurately reflect their constituents’ views, even if it does. Not flooding their phone lines also makes it easier for their constituents to get them on the phone, which is important.)


Ask Your Senator to Help Block These Trump Nominees

Senate confirmation hearings are fast approaching, and it’s time to start making calls (daily, if you can) to your senator to ask them to help block the nomination of the worst of Trump’s picks. If you’re particularly opposed to any of Trump’s other nominations (and there are reasons to be opposed to most of them), use this template as a guide for calling about those nominees as well.

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Call Your Senator to Block Rex Tillerson’s Nomination for Secretary of State

Rex Tillerson, who was until-recently the CEO of Exxon-Mobil, has significant ties to Putin and Russia, and who believes whatever is convenient to him about climate change at any given time, has been nominated for Secretary of State. Luckily, there are Senators on both sides of the aisle who have voiced their concerns at his candidacy, so blocking his nomination has a decent chance at being successful.

The first (and hopefully only step) is making sure that his nomination doesn’t pass out of committee – the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to be specific. If your senator is on this list, CALL THEM and let them know that you want them to reject Tillerson’s nomination:

  • Chairman, Bob Corker
  • James E. Risch
  • Marco Rubio
  • Ron Johnson
  • Jeff Flake
  • Cory Gardner
  • David Perdue
  • Johnny Isakson
  • Rand Paul
  • John Barrasso
  • Ranking, Ben Cardin
  • Barbara Boxer
  • Bob Menendez
  • Jeanne Shaheen
  • Christopher Coons
  • Tom Udall
  • Chris Murphy
  • Tim Kaine
  • Edward J. Markey

Find contact information for your senator here.

If your senator is not on this list, call them anyway and ask them to publicly denounce Tillerson as the choice for Secretary of State and ensure that his nomination doesn’t pass the Senate as a whole if it does pass out of committee.

Call Your Senator to Block Andrew Puzder’s Nomination for Labor Secretary

Andrew Puzder is Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary. He also strongly opposes any increase to the federal minimum wage, and would like to automate as many of the jobs in his restaurants (he’s the CEO of Carl’s Jr./Hardees) as possible.

If your senator is on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, which would need to approve Puzder before he’d go up against a general vote in the Senate, call them and tell them that you’d like them to make sure that Puzder’s candidacy does not make it out of committee.

These are the senators on the committee:


If your senator is not on this list, feel free to call and tell them that you’d like them to speak out against Puzder’s nomination and reject his candidacy should it make it to a general vote in the Senate.